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Senior Transition Services

We can help ease the anxiety that often accompanies moving senior citizens from their house to an apartment or assisted-living facility. With an eye toward downsizing, we redecorate the new smaller place using existing furniture, art and accessories, helping create a space that still feels like home.

Window Treatments and Floor Options

Window Treatments And Floor Options

Selecting the right treatment for your windows can be challenging. Plantation shutters? Roman shades? Fabric panels? Maybe a combination? And what type of fabric or finish?

We can help choose the best option for your situation and style, also ensuring the material is properly measured and professionally installed.

There are many good choices for window treatments and flooring, but many poor ones, too. Working with an IRN certified redecorator is key to making your home look and function better. Your flooring and window treatments will also last longer.

Green Eco-Design Services

Green Eco-Design Services

With the IRN, what looks good in your home can also be good for the planet, thanks to eco-friendly flooring, paints, appliances, furniture, solar solutions, water flow, as well as kitchen and bath components.

Special IRN certified Green Members have been specifically trained and possess strong foundational knowledge in designing for sustainability. They also fully understand U.S. Green Building Council and LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) criteria, along with respecting the economic, environmental and social impact of design on our planet.

Exterior and Outdoor Design

Exterior And Outdoor Design

Regardless of the way a home is laid out, or personal preferences, most of us enjoy fresh air and sunshine. Coincidentally, utilizing outdoor space is the smart way to expand our living area. And IRN professionals are experts at doing just that.

Let us help boost your curb appeal, too, by advising you on house, front door and trim colors, or making other recommendations that can enhance your home’s exterior.

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* Please check with your local IRN professional for the full range of specific service offerings.