From creating a unified look to solving specific “problems,” IRN redecorating brings value and adds beauty to every room in your home.

Tying it all together

You loved the furniture or accessories in the showroom. But in your home they just don’t look right. This is a very common design issue, and one that can easily be solved by your IRN Redecorator.

Our goal is to bring out the best qualities in your space, and transform it into a warm and welcoming environment. We evaluate colors, lighting, along with the size, amount and placement of furnishings and accessories, to make sure that the room has optimal balance and flow. We look at your individual pieces and evaluate spaces holistically. Just as important, we make sure rooms are fully functional and reflect their purpose.

It’s all about transforming your house into a home.

Going for a fresh new look

If you’ve been dreaming of re-doing your house, let an IRN professional help you do it right — for less. After we work our magic, clients are amazed at how a room can look so different with a simple furniture shuffle, change in paint color, or when other pieces are brought in.

Every IRN professional is trained to re-use items that you already own. So you don’t have to run out and buy all-new furnishings. You’ll also learn valuable tips and techniques to avoid expensive decorating mistakes.

And since our consultants work on a per-room flat-rate basis, you’ll know ahead of time how much the total fee will be. The result is an instant transformation that’s well within your budget.

Knowing where to start

If you’re ready to re-do some rooms but don’t know where to start, an IRN decorator can guide you step by step through the entire process!

We offer several inexpensive design services that can help create beautiful new rooms, proving that you, or anyone, can afford the keen eye of a professional redecorator. For example, many people think they can’t completely change the look of a room without buying new furniture and accessories. Yet IRN consultants are trained to re-use and rearrange what you currently have — saving you money.

But the best part? Since we charge only a low, flat per-room fee, you can easily budget, and won’t have to worry about spending a fortune to redecorate your home.

Solving problem areas

Too much stuff packed into too little space is a common problem, and one that keeps rooms from having an essential focal point. But an IRN consultant can help you refocus attention toward a few key elements in your room to provide a cohesive look. We can also offer tips on arranging furniture to make any place look more spacious — a great strategy for “enlarging” smaller homes, or prepping a place for sale.

Cluttered areas also present issues by choking off living space and posing distractions. Organizing and reducing the number of furnishings not only creates more room, but a more tranquil environment that will help you enjoy your home, and could give you a more relaxed outlook on life.

Trust the Interior Redecorators Network® to make it happen — at a price you can easily afford.

Turning plans into reality

Whether you’re remodeling or adding a room, sometimes it’s difficult envisioning what the space will look like when it’s done: what finishes, colors, molding and other materials you should use; how much lighting you’ll need; the types of furniture and accessories that will lend the right “feel,” balance and flow.

Your local IRN professional has the talent and training to help you make those choices, and bring out the best in any project.

That they do so without charging exorbitant design fees makes working with a professional from the Interior Redecorators Network® a great choice.