Just because you don’t own doesn’t mean you can’t make your mark

Your office décor speaks volumes about your business to your clientele, influences employee performance, and says a lot about you, too.

Are you one of the millions who enjoy the freedom and lifestyle fl exibility of an apartment, yet hesitate making major changes to your surroundings? Perhaps it’s time to talk to a certifi ed IRN redecorator about the wealth of possibilities for transforming your rooms into smart, stylish spaces.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly an IRN redecorator can make any place uniquely yours — at a delightfully low cost, simply through a trained eye and our exclusive Use What You Have® techniques. They focus on things you can both enjoy now and take with you and utilize in your next home, instead of spending money on the landlord’s property.

IRN professionals make apartment and rental redecorating—


Because we concentrate on using your current pieces—and don’t charge expensive design fees, you’ll discover we can do a lot with a little.


Correcting and refi ning furniture, art, accessories, lighting and more, our Certified Interior Redecorators™ can create a more comfortable, tasteful, functional space in just one day! We’ll take you from “we rent” to “we rule” faster than you can imagine.


All IRN members have been trained and certifi ed as interior redecorators in the Use What You Have&reg Decorating System by IRN Founder Lauri Ward. Lauri is a well-known home design expert and bestselling author who pioneered the field of one-day redecorating, which focuses on providing clients with affordable and stylish redesign services.

When you choose the IRN you’ll be working with a professional whose methods have been delighting clients and saving them money for over 30 years, and whose skills are always kept up to date through Continuing Education Programs.