For your information and convenience, we’ve compiled answers to some of the common questions about IRN services. For additional inquiries, please call your local IRN professional, or e-mail

Q. How much time does an Interior Refinement™ actually take?

A. From one and a half to three hours per room, enabling your decorator to consult on as many rooms as you want in just one day.

Q. How many visits are necessary for an Interior Refinement™?

A. One visit. This is because we do everything in a day, no matter how many rooms are being refined, saving you significant time and money.

Q. Will I be asked to leave my home during a consultation?

A. Never. In fact, we encourage your participation, and strive to involve you in every step of the decision-making process. This ensures that your preferences are always reflected in the way your home is redecorated.

Q. Can a Certified Interior Redecorator™ help me decorate an empty room, too?

A. Yes. Since our redecorators are paid purely for their expertise, they frequently consult on empty rooms, such as when clients are moving into a new residence.

Q. Can you fix up a house quickly to help it sell for the best price?

A. Absolutely. Since 1990 our proven Resale-Ready™ services have helped thousands of homeowners and realtors sell houses and apartments faster, for more, and without the expense or delay of rented props.

Q. I’m terrified of making expensive decorating mistakes. Can you help me avoid wasting money and aggravating myself?

A. We can. IRN consultations always emphasize educating, empowering and enlightening homeowners and renters so you become more independent and relaxed. We make sure all your questions are answered. Because our goal is helping you achieve YOUR goals, while saving you money.

Q. How will I know if your redecorator shares my style preferences?

A. Our redecorators will always respect your preferences, and enthusiastically work in any style you prefer, whether traditional, modern, country or eclectic.

Q. How will I know what a consultation costs?

A. Since our redecorators are independent business owners, they determine their own price structure based on their individual market. Most charge a flat per-room fee for consultations, and will provide shopping services at an hourly rate.

Q. How can I become a Certified Interior Redecorator™ with the Interior Redecorators Network™?

A. All our Certified Interior Redecorators™ are trained by Lauri Ward, pioneer of the one-day redecorating and redesign industry. On completion of her Use What You Have® Decorator Training Program, all graduates are eligible for membership in the Interior Redecorators Network™.

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