Let’s look at the benefits!

We’re Affordable!

Work with an IRN-certified redecorator and you’ll be delighted at how far your budget can stretch. We offer a flat-fee per-room rate — unlike conventional designers who charge high design fees, and earn commission from selling new products.

We always make the best use of what you already have and love. We then work with you to develop a design plan for purchases that will enhance and complete your look, always respecting your taste and budget, and offering suggestions on where to shop. You’ll be able to redo more rooms than you ever thought possible!

We’re Fast!

With an IRN redecorator you’ll see amazing results — a complete room or home makeover — with just one visit. Our certified members know how to correct design mistakes, plus refine furniture placement, art, accessory and lighting arrangements, to achieve a comfortable, tasteful and functional space that’s well balanced and attractive.

Plus, we can also create a design plan for an empty room, including recommendations for furniture placement and purchases, if needed.

We’re Professional!

All IRN members are trained by acclaimed designer and bestselling author Lauri Ward, and fully certified in her Use What You Have® system. Lauri pioneered the field of one-day redecorating, which provides clients with stylish yet affordable redesign solutions.

No matter where you live, when you choose a member of the IRN you’ll be working with a professional whose methods have been delighting clients and saving them money for over 30 years, and whose skills are always kept up to date through our Continuing Education Programs.

IRN members also offer specialty services, including:

We’re Educational!

The Interior Redecorators Network® believes clients should not only feel good about the new look of their home, but confident in the choices that have been made. That’s why our goal is not only to redesign your home, but to educate you as well.

As we collaborate on your living room, family room, hallway and other spaces, we always offer an explanation for each and every suggestion we make, sharing valuable information about what constitutes good design. It’s our way to keep informing and inspiring you to make smart, satisfying choices again and again.