IRN Standards of Practice

IRN Standards of Practice

All members of the Interior Redecorators Network™ adhere to the following standards:

IRN Members are prompt, professional in their demeanor and dress, and respectful of their clients’ taste and preferences. Interior Redecorators redecorate homes of any style or size and respect all budgets.

IRN Members explain what the flat rate room charge will be in advance, to each client, at every consultation.

The IRN consultation process is collaborative: IRN members never request that their clients leave their premises because client involvement and feedback is encouraged; Interior Redecorators strive to educate each client during the course of every consultation.

Every IRN Room Refinement™ includes a detailed, written design plan and may also include rearrangement of furniture and accessories, where necessary. The design plan format may also be utilized for rooms that do not have any furnishings at the time of the consultation.

Interior Redecorators® make recommendations about all aspects of decoratively refining, redesigning and improving residential and commercial interiors. Although some IRN members are also conventional interior designers and have additional training and accreditation, Interior Redecorators will not provide clients with advice regarding structural, electrical or plumbing renovations.

In an effort to maintain the highest possible standards of practice, the Interior Redecorators Network™ invites you to report any person who is illegitimately using the designation ‘IRN’, the IRN logo or to report violations of these standards by a member of the IRN.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Anyone who chooses to contact a Certified Interior Redecorator™ through this directory does so with the full understanding that each member is an independent business owner and sets their own fees, services and contracts.

The Interior Redecorators Network™, Use What You Have® Inc. and Lauri Ward are not responsible or liable in any way for business between Interior Redecorators™ and their clients. Contacting and hiring a Certified Interior Redecorator™ through this Web site is done at the sole discretion of each individual and is their sole responsibility.

Trademarked Services

Trademarked Services

The following are Registered Trademarks of Lauri Ward:

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Interior Refiners Network®

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