IRN Training and Certification

Members of the IRN have all been trained and certified by Lauri Ward in the Use What You Have Decorating system. If you would like more information about training and eligibility for membership in the Interior Redecorators Network™, visit

IRN Continuing Education

So that members can grow both personally and professionally, the Interior Redecorators Network™ is committed to keeping its membership up to date with current industry trends, insights, information and specialty training through Continuing Education Programs (CEP).

Awarding those who aim for the top

Those who attain a designated number of CEP credits, attend outside trade activities, or demonstrate eco-focused design expertise, can achieve Gold Member status and Green certification. They also receive special recognition at the annual IRN National Conference.

Ensuring that your IRN professional continues to bring the most up-to-date information and value to you and your project is one of the central goals of the Interior Redecorators Network™.